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Public Programs


CFA’s adult education programs are an outgrowth of our successful youth programs, which combine interactive presentations with hands-on learning. Led by experts in the field and CFA’s experienced design educators, participants develop a real-world understanding and appreciation of architecture while increasing their own design skills and sensibilities.  Programs included Lectures and Presentations, Classes and Workshops, Walking and Exhibition Tours.



“Reading the Streetscape” Architectural Walking Tours of NYC:

Trace the development of New York City from the 17th to the 21st centuries on these interactive architectural walking tours that uncover the city’s history, hidden in plain sight in the city’s buildings and streetscapes. Become familiar with key elements of design and learn how to “read” buildings for information about NYC’s growth and development. You’ll never walk down the street the same way again!


New Amsterdam:

Explore the paths of streets laid down by our Dutch forefathers four centuries ago and discover what the Dutch West India’s company town New Amsterdam was like. Learn how the Dutch created landfill to maximize the area of their outpost and see the archeological remains of some important early buildings and other parts of this town that are still here today.


South Street Seaport:

Take a trip back in time and rediscover Manhattan’s maritime past, chronicled in the buildings and streets of the South Street Seaport area. Learn how to recognize the different types of building that made up this 19th Century mercantile center and uncover the story of its past life as a working waterfront and port as we explore its unique architecture.


Brooklyn Bridge:

This tour of the Brooklyn Bridge focuses on the history of the Brooklyn Bridge, the important role members of the Roebling family played in the building of this venerable engineering marvel, and the building process itself. Participants will be introduced to the engineering concepts and structural components of the bridge and will learn how each works to support the weight of traffic over the bridge as we cross from the Manhattan to Brooklyn side.


Greenwich Village:

From townhouse to tenement to tower, Greenwich Village’s residential buildings and important commercial buildings tell a story of riches to rags and back again. Discover the many changes this neighborhood experienced as the city’s advancing population steadily moved northward during the 19th and 20th centuries, swallowing up this existing village and then leaving it behind as the city’s center moved further uptown.


SoHo’s Cast Iron Architecture:

Explore the materials and building technologies that shaped SoHo in the 19th Century on a guided stroll through this one-of-a-kind neighborhood. Participants will learn how to identify cast iron buildings and understand the role their design and construction played in making this building type so popular, setting the stage for the skyscrapers that followed.

Meatpacking District:

Once the city’s wholesale meat market, the streets of the Gansevoort Market area have been transformed in recent years into a trendy, upscale neighborhood at the foot of the High Line. Learn how to uncover the architectural clues that tell the story of this neighborhood’s utilitarian past and see how contemporary architects have responded to the area’s historic architecture to create a new chapter in this area’s development.


Battery Park City:
New York City’s effort to create a new neighborhood to serve the revived Financial District in the late 20th century borrowed heavily from the city’s own past. Experience the streets, public places and promenade that stitch together Battery Park City and see how the area’s architects -- inspired by the historic architecture and urban spaces of great NYC neighborhoods -- used patterns, details and materials from the past to craft a new sense of place in Lower Manhattan.



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