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Women's Auxiliary Eleanor Allwork Scholarship


Students must be nominated by the dean or chair of the school of architecture in which they are currently studying in order to apply for this award.



Applications must be received on March 15th by 5:00 pm EST. No exceptions.

If the deadline falls on a weekend, the application must be submitted by 5pm on the following Monday.



Multiple awards of up to $7,500 each, with the potential of an Honor(s) grant of up to $10,000.



Merit-based scholarships support architecture students with demonstrated financial need. 



Students seeking their first degree in architecture from an NAAB-accredited school in the State of New York are eligible. The dean or chair of the architectural school shall nominate up to two students from their respective college or university to apply. Nominated students will have a high level of academic performance and evidence of financial need. The financial need of each student shall be determined by the guidelines of the Financial Aid Officer of the school nominating the candidate. Students need not be U.S. citizens.


Note: Students cannot be nominated for both the Allwork and CFA Design scholarships. Students in their final year of school are not eligible to apply. 

Note: A graduate student is eligible if his or her professional undergraduate degree is in a field other than architecture.


Jury Guidelines 

Financial aid for students seeking their first architectural degree from a NAAB-accredited school (Allwork) or first design degree (CFA Design) with a high level of academic performance and financial need. Student portfolios, each containing three projects, should be judged in terms of the following additional criteria:

Concept  Demonstrates a clear and focused line of inquiry
Artistry   Demonstrates a sensitive aesthetic ability
Skill          Demonstrates an a high level of aptitude


the Application Form