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Haskell Award Frequently Asked Questions



1. My school is located outside of New York State. Is our student-edited architecture journal eligible for the Douglas Haskell Award?
Yes, the Douglas Haskell Award for Student Journals is open to student-edited architectural journals nationwide.


2. Are online or e-journals eligible?
Yes, online and e-journals are eligible. Please print ten (10) copies of your journal for the hardcopy submission. Visit the Submission Instructions section for more details.



Application Submission

1. Can applicants submit a PDF journal that is larger than 10 MB?
Applicants must submit a version of the journal in PDF format that does not exceed 10 MB must also be submitted. An additional PDF larger than 10 MB may be submitted. This second PDF MUST be zipped. The PDF journal should be saved with the following name:


Haskell Journal – Journal Title
[Example: Haskell Journal – Architectural Record]



2. Do applications need to be post-marked by the deadline?
The electronic and hardcopy versions of the complete application must be received by 5:00pm EST on the due date in order to be considered. No exceptions. Refer to the Submission Instructions section for submission details.


3. Can I hand-deliver my application?
Applicants who are in the New York area may hand-deliver their complete application to the Center for Architecture. Hand-delivered submissions should be addressed in the following manner:


Center for Architecture 
ATTN: Haskell Application – Journal Title
[Example: ATTN: Haskell Application – Architectural Record]


Please keep in mind that all applications must be submitted in hardcopy as well as electronically. Click here for directions to the Center for Architecture.


4. Is it possible to extend the deadline based on personal extenuating circumstances?
All applications must be received by the due date in order to be reviewed. No exceptions.


5. What is the schedule of notification?
Applicants will be notified by the end of July.




1. Does the Center for Architecture sponsor individual students pursuing an architectural education in need of financial aid?
The Center for Architecture supports students through our scholarship program. At this time it is not possible for the Center to give financial aid above and beyond this program. For more information visit the the Center for Architecture’s scholarships and grants overview section.


Download Haskell Printable Instructions


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