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LeBrun Grant Frequently Asked Questions




1. Am I eligible if I live in Colorado?

Yes, applicants may be located anywhere within the United States.


2. Am I eligible if I am a working architect who received an M.Arch. two years ago?

Yes, the LeBrun Travel Grant is intended to support the development of early or mid-career architects through travel. Applicants who have only worked a few years in the field are encouraged to apply. 


3. Are mid-career architects eligible?

Yes, mid-career architects are eligible.


4. Are graduate students eligible?

No, graduate students are not eligible.


5. Is investigation in the field of Urban Design eligible for a Travel Grant?

Yes, investigation in architecture and fields related to architecture are eligible. However, the applicant must be a professional architect with a B. Arch or M. Arch degree. 


 6. Are teams eligible to apply?

Yes. There are no restrictions pertaining to teams applying. The lead applicant must meet the eligibility requirements and should enter his/her name on the application Cover Sheet. In the application, make the case for why all members of the team must travel together, and how you will each benefit. Teams should submit the additional resumes for all team members in the supplementary materials section. Teams still only need submit three letters of recommendation.


 7. As an early to mid-career academic, who is also a licensed architect, am I eligible for this grant?

You are not disqualified as an academic, though you must be a practicing architect to be eligible. Full time academics who do not also practice are not eligible.  


 8. My total projected budget is only $9,000.00, should I increase the scope of my project and/or incresase my budget?

Applicants should apply for the funding necessary to complete the project. A small budget will not adversely affect the chances of being selected.   



Application Submission


For detailed information regarding submitting an application, please review the Submission Instructions.


1. Do applications need to be post-marked by the deadline?

The electronic and hardcopy versions of the complete application must be received by 5:00pm EST on the due date in order to be considered. No exceptions. Refer to the Submission Instructions section for submission details.

2. Can I hand-deliver my application?

Applicants may hand-deliver their complete application to the Center for Architecture. Hand-delivered submissions should be addressed in the following manner:

Center for Architecture
ATTN: LeBrun Application – Applicant’s Last Name

[Example: ATTN: LeBrun Application – Smith]


Click here for directions to the Center for Architecture.


3. Is it possible to extend the deadline based on personal extenuating circumstances?

All applications must be received by the due date in order to be reviewed. No exceptions.


4. Is there an application fee?

Yes, there is an application fee of $50.00. Applicants may send the payment in the form of a check made payable to the "Center for Architecture" or pay with a credit card online. 


5. What is the schedule of notification?

Applicants will be notified by the end of January.





1. Can I have a list of past recipients?

A list of past recipients is available here.


2. Can I review past proposals?

No, past applications are not available for review.


3. What should I include in the supporting material section?

Applicants are not required to submit supporting material. The option to submit supporting materials gives applicants the opportunity to include additional information that is not appropriate in other sections of the application. Supporting material may consist of additional background information about the applicant, a travel destination, or topic of interest. Additional information is not limited to, but may be presented in the following formats: magazine articles, DVDs, photographs.


4. What is an appropriate amount of time to plan to travel?

There are no maximum or minimum requirements for length of travel. Applications are judged on the focus of the proposed travel plans in terms of their relevance and importance to the applicant.



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