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Past Recipients




Tya Winn - Public Architecture for Public Good




Jieun Yang — Unknown Territories: Imagining Post-Ruin Siberia and Rust Belt



Jan Greben — Collaboration to Independence in the Work of Eileen Gray

Lauren Connell — De-Coding the Roads: Computational Tessellation of Central Asian Architecture

William Smith Architecture and Radical Hydrology: Adaptation to Climate Change in the Indian Subcontinent



Jobie Hill — The Slave House Database

John Paul Rysavy — Practices of Ornament in the Making of Public Space



Margaret Arbanas — Post-Revolutionary Architecture in Havana



Tarana Hafiz — The Industrial Imprint of the Buriganga

Matthew Schulte— A Comparative of Study of Windmills and Landscape Architecture of the Dutch Lowlands and the American Dustbowl




Diane Davis-Sikora— Revisiting Pneumatic Architecture.

Fiyel Levent — Echoes of Dialogue: The Genealogy of Central Asian Architecture. Read Fiyel's blog, Fiyel Levent: Observations on Interior Design and Architecture, which chronicles her travels using the Stewardson Keefe LeBrun grant.

Stephanie Zurek — Exploring and Learning from Indonesian Kampungs



Quynh Vantu — Learning the Timelessness of a Swiss Chapel Design: A Sanctuary and a Life

Richard William Hayes — Sir John Soane and the Idea of the Monk



Leslie Jill Hanson — Research in Tanzania

Peter Rock — Sideways: Estonian Architecture and the Humor of Modernism


Past Recipients of the

Stewardson Keefe LeBrun Travel Grant