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Walter A. Hunt, Jr. Scholarship Submission Instructions


All application materials (cover page, two essays, portfolio, high school transcript, college acceptance letter and two letters of recommendation) must be submitted both electronically as PDF documents and in hardcopy.



All materials must be received by May 15th by 5:00 pm EST. No exceptions.

Electronic Submission (PDF)

In addition to mailing a hard copy submission, all application materials must be submitted electronically as PDF documents. Please send all materials in one email, not to exceed 5 MB total size to Write in the subject line “Walter Hunt Scholarship Application” followed by the applicant’s last name. [Example subject line: Walter Hunt Scholarship Application – Smith].

Application Materials should be saved as PDF’s with the following titles:

Cover Page: Walter Hunt Scholarship Cover Page – Applicant’s Last Name

Essays: Walter Hunt Scholarship Essays – Applicant’s Last Name

Portfolio: Walter Hunt Scholarship Portfolio – Applicant’s Last Name

High School Transcript: Walter Hunt Scholarship High School Transcript – Applicant’s Last Name

College Acceptence Letter: Walter Hunt Scholarship College Acceptance Letter – Applicant’s Last Name

Letters of Recommendation: Recommendation*: Walter Hunt Scholarship Recommendation – Applicant’s Last Name

* Applicants may include PDF’s of the recommendation letters in their own electronic submission, or these may be sent directly by the recommender to

Hard Copy Submission

Staple all application documents together with the Cover Page Form on the front. Hardcopy recommendation letters must be sealed with recommender’s signature on back of the envelope with ink. They may be included in the student’s submission or sent directly by the recommender. If recommenders are sending their letters separately, please note this on the Cover Page Form.

Mail or hand-deliver hard-copy application materials to:

Center for Architecture, 536 LaGuardia Place, New York, NY 10012
ATTN: Walter A. Hunt, Jr. Scholarship Application – Applicant’s Last Name

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