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Walter A. Hunt, Jr. Scholarship Requirements



Applications must be received by May 15th by 5:00 pm EST. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. No exceptions.

Application Requirements

A complete application includes the Application Cover Page, two essays, portfolio, most recent high school transcript, college acceptance letter, and two letters of recommendation. All application materials must be submitted both electronically (PDF) and in hardcopy. See the Submission Instructions section for details.
Cover Page: The cover page provides the student’s contact information and an application checklist. Click here to download the Application Cover Page.

Two Essays: Not exceeding 500 words each.

Essay 1: Why are you interested in studying architecture?

Essay 2: What building in New York City has inspired you?  Describe what you find interesting about it and why it is meaningful to you.
Portfolio: The portfolio must consist of 3-4 pieces of the student’s own visual art, design, or architecture work. Projects may be 2-D or 3-D. If a group project is submitted, the student must indicate their role in the project.

High School Transcript: Students must submit their most recent high school transcript as part of the application. Submission of a final graduation transcript, when available, will be required in order to accept the award.

College Acceptence Letter: Students must submit proof of acceptance to a five-year Bachelor of Architecture program at one of the NAAB-accredited schools of architecture in the U.S. Other schools or programs other than architecture within these universities are not eligible for this scholarship.
Two Letters of Recommendation: Students must submit two letters of recommendation: one from a teacher in their high school; the second may be from an employer, person in the field of architecture or other adult. Recommendations cannot be from a relative of the student and should speak to the student’s character, promise, skills, and the likelihood of success in a college architecture program.  All letters of recommendation, both electronic and hard copy versions, must be signed and on letterhead. Hardcopy versions should be in a sealed, signed envelope.

: There is no application fee.

A self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) is required if applicants would like work samples returned. If a SASE does not have correct postage, the submission will not be returned. Portfolios will also be held for pick-up by the student for two weeks after the scholarship announcement date. 

Download the application cover page here